These Frozen 2 Toys Offer Lots of Fun Playtime For Your Princess

In my house, I’ve been hearing a 5 year-old’s rendition of “Let It Go” for a few weeks now, and with good reason. My little girl, along with millions of other excited Anna’s and Elsa’s out there, knows that Frozen 2 will be in theaters in less than a month. To go along with the release of the much-awaited sequel to the 2013 Disney blockbuster there is going to be a swirling storm of toys that will offer lots of fun playtime for your princess.

But for the first time in forever, the toys coming out just in time for Frozen 2 go beyond your garden-variety dolls. No, this time, your Arendelle-esque princess can play with Lego’s, learn science (and discover how to make those frozen fractals all around), whip up some slushies, thanks to Olaf, build a bear, and even play in her own castle. With so many options to choose from, she won’t want to, you know, let them go.

Frozen Plush Rocker

Let’s face it—Sven steals the show in many of the scenes he’s in. This adorable Frozen Plus Rocker by Delta Children features everyone’s favorite reindeer is aimed for ages 3 and up, and isn’t just a fun way to rock back and forth. It’s designed to help your child improve her balance, strengthen her core, and even build strong motor skills, too. Best part: this reindeer is already assembled, so your child can start rocking right out of the box. ($70)

Frozen 2 Puzzle by Ravensburger

The answer to the question, “Do you want to build a snowman?” will always be “Yes” with the cute Frozen 2 Puzzle from Ravensburger. Olaf will come to life with this 54-piece 3D jigsaw puzzle. And since the pieces offer an easy click technology, you won’t have to worry about Olaf losing his buttons or his prized carrot nose. ($10)

Build-A-Bear Frozen Plush Toys

If your child (gasp) doesn’t want to build a snowman, maybe she’ll want to build a bear instead. And the cute collection of beary adorable stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear has the entire cast of characters from Frozen 2. Your child can choose a stuffed Sven, Olaf — even an Elsa and Anna-inspired bear. There are even travel costumes ($19) that your kiddo can pick out so that the princesses can have an outfit change. (starting at $29)

Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Fashion Doll and Nokk Figure

Who wants to play with a horse when you can have your princess gallop on a Nokk? (Not anyone I know.) The Elsa fashion doll is sporting a dress inspired by the new movie, and the Nokk (a mythical water spirit character) is just one of many new members of the movie’s cast that your kid will clamor to play with. ($30)

Disney Frozen 2 Slushy Treat Maker Activity Kit

Frozen desserts might be made for hot summer days, but your child will want to whip up some wintery slushies with the Disney Frozen 2 Slushy Treat Maker Activity Kit by Cra-Z-Art. Just pour some ice cubes into Olaf’s head (brrr, brain freeze), and grind the cubes into ice. Two turrets alongside Olaf can hold juice or another beverage of your choice, and with one quick press of the flag, your child will be having a tasty treat in no time. ($23)

LEGO Disney Princess Frozen 2 Enchanted Treehouse

Budding builders will have an (icy) blast when they put all the pieces together of the LEGO Disney Princess Frozen 2 Enchanted Treehouse. Join Olaf, Anna, and Mattias on this very cool way to recreate scenes from the movie. There’s a miniature bedroom and dining room for characters to play in, while a climb up the ladder takes you to the lookout. And a quick zip on the zipline will take your child on a new adventure as she pretends to fly fish—and be on the lookout for bunnies, too. ($41)

Elsa Costume Wig for Kids – Frozen 2

Take dress up to a whole new level with the Elsa Costume Wig for Kids. The hair piece has braided locks that have silver snowflakes with faceted jewel accents adorning it. The wig even has iridescent strands to ensure that your icy princess sparkles and shines — not that she would need a wig to do that, anyway. ($20)

Frozen 2 Tin Case Art Kit

The Frozen 2 Tin Case Art Kit allows your mini Matisse to create colorful pieces of artwork based on her favorite film. The kit comes with 16 markers, 10 colored pencils, 16 crayons, and two sets of stencils. There’s a 35-page notepad and three sheets of stickers to keep your kiddo creatively occupied. And it all fits nicely in the metal carrying case so you won’t have to worry about tripping over anything. Make room on the fridge for your child’s masterpieces. ($20)

Frozen 2: Ultimate Arendelle Castle Play Set by Hasbro

For the ultimate Frozen 2 play experience, nothing beats Hasbro’s Ultimate Arendelle Castle Play Set. The four-level castle comes complete with seven rooms (a kitchen, throne room, vanity room, Anna and Elsa’s bedrooms, a library, and a music room), and even has a lookout tower at the top. The moving balcony serves as an elevator of sorts to get the princesses from one floor to another. And if all that grandeur wasn’t enough, touching the base of the castle will set off a light show full of colorfully twinkling lights. You’ll wish you could pack your bags and move in there, too. ($230)

Disney Frozen Anna Deluxe Styling Head

If you’ve ever seen the original Frozen, then you know that Anna sometimes wakes up with a serious case of bedhead. Well, no more. With the Disney Frozen Anna Deluxe Styling Head, your child can have hours of fun fixing Anna’s hair. She can give her ponytails, a bun, or even braids, depending on your mini hairdresser’s mood. Just be sure to watch her with the scissors, or Anna might wind up with a mohawk. ($30)

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