10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Mom To Show The Love

In theory, every day should be Valentine’s Day. But between work and kids (and all the craziness contained therein), it can be hard to carve out some time to show that special someone (read: your partner) how much you care. That’s why we hand-picked these 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for mom to show her the love.

When it comes to February 14, you can go either one of two ways. You can either be a purist when it comes to presents, or you can go outside the box and look for something different. Well, on this Valentine’s Day gifts for mom list, you’ll find everything from traditional presents like chocolate and flowers, to jewelry and makeup.

So share the love, and pick up something for your partner that will make her feel both pretty — and appreciated.

Mileo New York Oud Elixir

If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, (or just look like you’re not so damn tired all the time), you’ve found it in Oud. The Elixir Oud from Mileo New York comes from agarwood trees in Southeast Asia. And when you consider that only 2% of agarwood trees produce Oud, that makes it super rare. Oud has been known to have strong anti-aging qualities and can help revive cellular health. Choose the elixir that’s right for you, from Restructure to Midnight, Moisturize to our favorite, Calm, If you can’t choose, you can always opt for the Elixir Oud Collection Mini ($125), which offers four sensational options for your skin.

Farac Beauty Velvet Face Cream

Farac Beauty Velvet Face Cream is totally pretty in pink. The long-wearing face cream ($38) can be used as an everyday moisturizer that works to hydrate your skin. Plus, with its sweet almond oil and seaweed extracts, it will leave you with a silky smooth finish.

Hammered Heart Necklace Isabelle Grace

Whether you’re looking for a necklace to wear for date night—or just to pick up the kids from the bus stop—this beautiful Hammered Heart Necklace from Isabelle Grace ($56) goes with almost any occasion. You can add initials or a special date, or simply wear it alone in all its beauty. It’s available in either silver or gold finish, and boasts a vintage-style link chain that just shows that love is truly timeless.

Personalized Handwriting Bracelet

The personalized handwriting bracelet is like having love on your wrist — literally. The custom-made bracelet ($33) can feature your signature, a special message, or the name of someone super special to you. All you need to do is send in a photo of the handwriting and message/name you’d like, and choose the finish that you’d prefer, whether it’s sterling silver, 18K gold, or rose gold. It’s the perfect way to remember someone you love….in style.

Hometown Hottie

Ditch the boring lipsticks you own and take it up a notch with the Hometown Hottie lip glosses. Each gloss ($23) comes in a super cute mini wine bottle container. And in shades like “Trophy Wife,” “and “Mission Control,” you’re going to feel like a total badass every time you reapply gloss to your pout.

CBD Daily Massage Lotion

Instead of sinking into the tub after a long day, try the CBD Daily Massage Lotion from CBD Kratom ($60). It’s designed to help soothe sore muscles or simply relieve the stress of the day. The lotion contains 240 mg of CBD in its 8 oz bottle, and also has essential oils and a cooling menthol to leave you feeling refreshed—and relaxed.

Isabelle Grace Heart Thin Stacking Ring

Put a little love on your finger with this sweet little Isabelle Grace Heart Thin Stacking Ring. It’s dainty enough to allow you to wear other rings with it, yet can also make a standalone jewelry statement, too. Choose from either sterling silver or 14 kt gold-filled wire for a lovely look.

Kisses 4 Us

Not sure what to do on Valentine’s Day? The Kisses 4 Us ($20) is a fun flirty game you can play with your sweetie. The game contains 30 Unique Kiss Cards that can help you improve the quality of your kisses, and also offers fun facts to help you break the ice—and heat things up quickly. So open the box, and get ready to pucker up for the perfect kiss with your partner. Whatever happens afterwards is entirely up to you.

GODIVA Milk Chocolate Strawberry Heart Masterpieces

Move over, chocolate-dipped strawberries. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate being on the menu. And the GODIVA Milk Chocolate Strawberry Heart are heart shaped delights filled with velvety strawberry filling. So ditch the dipping and savor the decadence of chocolate and strawberries that only GODIVA can deliver.

1-800 Flowers Conversation Roses I Love You

Skip the sweets and express your love purposefully on the petals of some pretty roses instead. The 1-800 Flowers Conversation Roses I Love You is a beautiful bouquet ($60 for 12 stems only) and can perfectly express how you feel — half of the flowers have the words “I Love You” written on them, while the other half have interlocking hearts. You might not even need to buy a Valentine’s Day card.

These Valentine’s Day gifts for mom are just a starting point for ways in which you can express your love for partner. But sometimes, the biggest gift can be something that isn’t wrapped up in a big bow…like letting her sleep in on a Saturday, or taking the kids out so she can sink into the tub in peace. Those little things can mean even more than any gift you could ever get.

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