6 S.T.E.A.M. Toys That Will Make Your Child’s Learning Go Full Steam Ahead

So much stress is put on STEAM learning, and rightly so. With STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) at the forefront of today’s educational curriculum, it makes sense that you should look for ways to incorporate these skills into your child’s daily life. And that’s where these 6 STEAM toys come into play — literally.

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. It can occur anywhere, and at any time. So why not make playtime an opportunity for your child to get more STEAM into their lives? They’ll have fun learning new ways to create things without even realizing that they’re soaking up new skills, too.

Arctic Color Chemistry Set – Crayola

When the cold weather makes playing outside an impossibility, the Arctic Color Chemistry Set from Crayola will keep your kids entertained — and educated. From making snow globes to magic water beads, the kit comes complete with enough supplies to perform up to 18 science experiments, but also has instructions to complete 32 more. Forever Snow, anyone? ($25)


Sensory Crinkle Tag Square by baby Jack & Co.

If you thought that STEAM learning was for the elementary school set, think again. The Sensory Crinkle Tag Square by baby Jack & Co. has textured ribbons that are sealed shut so that your little one’s sweet fingers won’t get stuck in the loops. Plus, the fabrics have cute shapes, numbers, and letters so that your baby can learn the alphabet at an early age. She can have a blast scrunching up the crackling crinkle paper and learn about cause and effect. Or simply just drool over the cute designs. ($13)

Glitter Dots Sparkle Station – Crayola

Ask any parent what craft they try to avoid at all costs and only one comes to mind: glitter. It’s cute, but it sure is messy and it gets everywhere. The Glitter Dots Sparkle Station allows you to play with glitter—sans mess. Your kids can spread, smush and decorate with the Glitter Dots just as they would with any other craft supply. And the Sparkle Station comes complete with 84 Glitter Dots, Shape Cutters, Roller Attachments, and lots of other accessories for hours of glittery good fun. ($20)


Move over, beakers and chemistry kits. The Raddish monthly meal kit is a clever way for your kids to spruce up their STEAM skills as they create culinary masterpieces in your kitchen — and build up a lifelong love for cooking, too. They’ll learn new cooking techniques, discover how to read a recipe, and make a shopping list that even teaches them how to grocery shop. ($20-$24)


Coding becomes cute with Ozobot. The pint-sized robot teaches kids how to code — and learn a few tricks, too. Not only can your child learn how to create courses for their itty bitty robot, but they can also play fun games with it, too. It comes with 6 programmable LED lights, and optical and proximity sensors for a cool coding experience. ($100)

Stomp Rocket Ultra

Now your kids can let off a little STEAM (get it) and out into the Great Outdoors with the Stomp Rocket Ultra. It comes with four Ultra Stomp Rockets, a Launch Stand, and a Launch Pad with Air Hose. Your kids will love to see who can stomp the hardest and send their rockets soaring into outer space — or at least 200 feet up into the air, that is. The foam-tipped rockets ensure a safe landing when they return to earth. ($20)


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