10 Things You Need To Know If You’re Raising A Capricorn Kid


If ever there were a can-do astrology sign, it would be Capricorn. The tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn might be thought of as no-nonsense, but they also have a soft, tender side, too. So if you’re expecting a baby between December 21 and January 20, then a sweet little sea-goat is on the way. But in order to prepare for their arrival, these are the things you’ll need to know if you’re raising a Capricorn kid.

Sure, the ruling planet for Capricorn is Saturn, so don’t be shocked if your baby loves structure — and lots of it. While they might enjoy having some wiggle room when it comes to things like organizing their own playdates or how they’d like their room to look when they’re older, for the most part, Capricorn is content when everything is perfectly in order. And just like Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn is an earth sign, which means that they’re grounded and won’t hold their tongue if something (like those strained sweet potatoes) isn’t too pleasing.

So if you’re expecting a Capricorn baby, you can use what you know about this earth sign to understand more about your baby even before they’re born.

  1. Capricorn kids can be overachievers

Need something done? Ask a Capricorn. Of all the astrological signs, Capricorn’s relentless drive makes them idea for tackling tasks and finishing them. “They can be do-gooders and they are the kid in the class who is reliable, follows through on things, and motivate others as well,” Georgia Marcantoni, an astrologer, tells Celebrity Parents. “Allow them to work slowly and methodically and bring focus to their activities. Don’t expect them to finish things quickly, because they want to do things right and of high quality.” That’s why you might see that your child takes a little longer to perfect their penmanship or might want their toys arranged just so.


2. Capricorn kids strive to have structure

Typically, many kids can struggle with structure, but not a Capricorn. In fact, a Capricorn kid loves a whole lot of rules. “They really love to have rules, structure, because those containers make them feel safe,” explains Marcantoni. Instead of setting up rules for your little sea-goat, try to incorporate them in the decision-making process. “They’re developing their own authority, and because of that, you have to help them decide what rules work for them.” From helping them determine what their day will look like to when naptime should be — even what snack should be served — this can help your Cap kid embrace family rules.

Says Marcantoni: “By trying to give them choices, they can decide what the rules are, so they feel empowered to be their own authority which is part of their birthright.”

3. Capricorn kids typically don’t love change

Your slow and steady mountain goat likes the security of structure, so naturally, a change in plans might be enough to make them miserable. “Saturn is an institutional structure and to uphold standards of tradition, so change is really difficult,” says Marcantoni. “Support them in being able to work with change better is to help them feel safe and to be supported at that root chakra level so they can understand.” They’re all about security, so being emotionally secure and safe will give your child the tools they need to adapt to any transition. Offering unconditional love and helping them to get in touch with all of their emotions will allow them to adapt better.

4. Capricorn kids might want to grow up sooner than their friends

There’s always that one kid in a friend group who’s just a little wiser than their peers. Chances are, that kid is a Capricorn. “They want to grow up because inherently, they know that they can do things in the future that they can’t do now,” says Marcantoni. “They want to be the authority and do the work that it takes to have the opportunity to be the moral authority on something.” To help your child who might feel like they want to grow up way too fast, you should remind them to slow down and savor this time. Unfortunately, your child might get frustrated that things aren’t moving fast enough for them, and that can be a source of tension for your child. “Childhood can be hard for Capricorn because they don’t have the tools yet, so encourage them to keep going,” she adds. “Life gets easier for Capricorns as they get older, though, because they have the maturity to fulfill their destiny.”

5. Capricorn kids can be introverted

Because they’re so busy trying to excel, it’s not surprising that Capricorns tend to be introverted. “Capricorn leans towards introversion,” says Marcantoni. “If they have a role of authority within a group, they’ll lead and hold that space, but they’re not necessarily a leader, like an Aries is.” Due to their moral integrity, Capricorn might often be chosen to lead a group, though, and because they’re more mature for their age, they tend to prefer hanging out with their parents or other older members of the family that they’re close to.


6. Capricorn kids can behave like adults sometimes

Sometimes described as stoic and serious, Capricorn kids have a wise-beyond-their-years vibe. It’s going to be up to you, then, to show your kiddo how to have fun. “Capricorn kids are serious by nature and may have a tendency to behave like tiny adults,” Dana DeFranco, an astrologer, explains to Celebrity Parents. “Like all signs, Capricorn children learn best by example, so watching their parents have fun together and having fun with their parents is especially important.” This might mean having an impromptu dance party in the kitchen or getting a good game of UNO going. Making sure that your child has fun means that the entire family will, too.

7. Capricorn kids can sometimes be rebellious

For a sign that prides itself on perfectionism and excellence, it can be a shocker that Capricorn might be averse to authority. “A Capricorn child is going to be dealing with issues of authority,” says Marcantoni. “Depending on your parenting style, they could really love rules, structure, and boundaries so they feel safe — or they can constantly push limits of authority to assert themselves as the one in control.”

DeFranco agrees, adding: “A lesser-known signification of Capricorn is rebellion,” she says. “Parents are advised to permit and even encourage benign forms of rebellion regardless of how they feel about it.” For example, adolescent Capricorns may be prone to experimenting with their personal style. Offering to take them shopping would be the quickest way to end this phase.

8. Capricorn kids are extremely loyal

While you might associate loyalty with Leo, it’s not the only sign that shows steadfastness. As it turns out, Capricorn is also a super loyal sign. “Capricorn children are extremely thoughtful and loving because they are extremely loyal,” says DeFranco. “They crave structure and discipline but need to know they are not a disappointment.” Because Capricorn aims to please, be sure to pile on the praise so that your child feels the love. Even more than that, though, encourage your kid to be proud of themselves so that they develop an even greater sense of self. “Capricorn children are mature and stoic by nature, and even their own parents can occasionally forget that they are children who need nurturing even, and especially, when they have misbehaved,” she says.

9. Capricorn kids might need a little push

Capricorn is synonymous with success and excelling, but that doesn’t mean that your Capricorn child is going to get there without your help. “Capricorn children are naturally ambitious but might need to be pushed to pursue their interests,” explains DeFranco. “An outlet to hone their natural talents will increase their motivation and ambition in all other areas of their life.”

And just because Capricorn children are generally self-motivated and naturally ambitious; however, this does not mean they will always be at the top of their class,” explains DeFranco. “If a Capricorn child falls behind in school, it is best for their parents to encourage slow and steady improvement.” After all, high expectations or expectations of rapid improvement could injure the Capricorn child’s self-esteem and increase their anxiety, impeding the child’s ability to improve their grades.

10. Capricorn kids want to earn their keep

Capricorn is productive by nature. Still, self-esteem can be an issue for your child. And that’s why you should start at an early age to help your child build the skills they need to foster their self-confidence. “A productive way to encourage a Capricorn development and help build their self-esteem is to give them an allowance for completing certain household responsibilities,” offers DeFranco. “Capricorns of all ages love to earn their keep more than any other sign!” You might opt to give them a dollar for a job well done, or you could take them out for a treat if they’ve put their shoes and toys away for a week straight. What the reward is doesn’t really matter, but acknowledging their accomplishments is truly the goal for your sea-goat.

If you’re raising a Capricorn kid, be prepared for a sweet baby who is loyal, loving, and above all, wants to succeed. And with your help, they will.

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