Slumberkins Offers Sweet Slumber (And Emotional Development Skills) For Your Baby

Some kids have a lovey. Some have a favorite bedtime book. Slumberkins combines the best of both worlds by having creating a unique nighttime routine that is at once stimulating and soothing for your child.

Each of the Slumberkins creature collections has a board book, an affirmation card, and a super soft stuffed animal. The snuggler can be used to hold onto while you read the book to your child, and can help support early emotional growth.

The Slumberkins come in a wide range of cute and cuddly critters. You can choose from a unicorn, an alpaca, a sloth, a not-scary-at-all Bigfoot, and other assorted animals. But if you thought that the Slumberkins stories were your typical fairy tales, think again. Each of the books touches upon topics like learning self-esteem and mindfulness, addressing conflict resolution, understanding blended families—even working through big emotions like grief and loss.

So as you snuggle under the covers with your child, Slumberkins can help create a unique bonding experience that will not only help boost his literacy skills, but his emotional well-being, too.

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