5 Beauty Basics To Do Before Heading To The Hospital

Of all the photos you’re going to take in your life, that first picture of you with your newborn ranks high among them. And while you might not be aiming to look like a supermodel right after giving birth, you still want to look somewhat decent. These are the beauty basics to do before heading to the hospital, so that you look (and feel) great.

Take Care Of Your Tootsies

Sure, you might not have been able to see your feet for the past few months, but that’s all about to change. When you’re delivering, you’re going to be looking at your toes—a lot. So why not make them look pretty and polished? If you can’t do them yourself (for, um, obvious reasons), splurge a little and get a pedicure before heading to the hospital. Your tired feet will thank you.

Wash Your Hair

Labor can do a lot to your locks. That’s why you should wash your hair before heading to the hospital. You’ll have clean hair (which might not be something you get to do again for a few days—or weeks—and you can style it somewhat before labor begins. Some moms-to-be will get their hair blown out, because nothing beats the feeling of having your hair straightened. And if you’re up for it, bring styling tools with you for touch ups once you’re in the hospital.

Bring Some Basic Products

If you thought that lip products aren’t important, think again. Having at least some lip balm on hand will ensure that your lips won’t dry out during labor, when you might be more prone to licking your lips or sucking on some ice chips. Plus, you’ll want to have soft lips for that first smooch with your little sweetie.

You should also bring some concealer with you to cover up any dark under eye circles you might get from lack of sleep. And bring some blush with you to add some color to your cheeks.

Bring Nail Clippers

Let’s say that you managed to get a manicure before going into the hospital. Even if your nails are on point, you might want to bring nail clippers with you, anyway. Some babies find it soothing to suck on a person’s pinkie finger. Thing is, if your nails are long, you won’t be able to do it. So consider bringing clippers—or even possibly going polish-free…just in case.

Bring Face Wipes

Chances are, you’re going to sweat during active labor. But using the hospital’s paper towels might be the last thing you want to use to wipe up the beads of sweat. That’s why having some face wipes are a good option: they’re a quick and easy way to wipe off any grease or perspiration from your face. That way, you can happily be cheek-to-cheek with your baby.

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