Photographer Heidi Green Is Helping Families Capture Beautiful Memories That They Can Treasure For A Lifetime


It’s your child’s first birthday, and you’ve planned an extravagant party down to the very last detail. Cake? Check. Favors? Check. Heidi Green? Check.

For those in the know, Heidi Green is one of NYC’s top family and event photographers. She specializes in capturing beautiful moments that your family will long treasure. Here’s her story.

How did you get your start in photography?

I was a preschool teacher in NYC for many years. I was teaching at a private school, and I took photos of the kids and hung them above each child’s cubby. It was a big hit in the school and I got so many compliments. I began taking more photos, and while I was teaching and tutoring on the side, I began photographing kids’ parties.

Why did you choose kids’ parties?

I saw it was a niche market that wasn’t developed yet. If the parents were taking the photos, they weren’t going to get to enjoy the party. They also weren’t going to be in the photos, either! My business — while it caters to a higher end clientele — allows parents to truly enjoy their party. They get great shots and they get to be all together in the photos! On a personal level, I enjoy events because I’m very social and I like to get those great candid shots.

When did you realize that you truly had a business?

It was almost immediately. After photographing a few parties and being successful, I just went for it. My brother is a web designer and he created a beautiful website for me. I already had a big client base between teaching and tutoring. I contract new clients from those original groups of people.

Do you often work with the same families?

Yes, I’ve become the family photographer for many families! I’ll shoot someone’s baby shower and then shoot the baby’s first portraits, first birthday, and so on.

Let’s talk about your own family. You’re the mom to almost one year-old twins, Harry and Rose.

They’re delicious. They are completely different, too! My son is into everything. He wants to touch everything, learn everything, and he’s on the go all day long. My daughter is very sweet, very loving, but she’s quieter. She’s very independent; she can play by herself very nicely. Whereas Harry will jump all over me, Rose will take her hand and very gently touch mine. They’re wonderful.

As a fellow mom photographer, I’m sure you’ve photographed them since birth.

I shoot them all the time! As soon as I take out the camera, Rose sits and poses.

With the twins and busy career, how do you find your balance?

Luckily, I work from home during the week. I’ll often retouch or do paperwork during that time. If I have a shoot, it might be in the afternoon. I get to spend the whole day with the babies. And on the weekends, I’m usually only gone for a few hours at a time. I get to spend time with them, and do what I love, too. It’s a good balance.

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