10 Face Masks That Are Fun And Fashionable

Slowly but surely, social distancing has become our new normal. Wearing face masks while out in public is not only preferred but actually required in some areas. And while you might see some standard sterile masks being worn by people, there are also some that are kind of cool. Since we might have to be wearing masks for quite some time per the new CDC guidelines, why not upgrade those medical-looking masks for some that are, dare we say, chic? These 10 face masks that are fun and fashionable — and will protect you, too. 

Washable Face Mask

Even though it’s spring outside, it might not feel like it when you’re always indoors. These floral face masks from Etsy seller LucyBridalBoutique can remind you of the beauty of nature with its fresh and fun flowery prints. ($17)

Total Tie Dye

You can have a totally awesome tie dye face mask with these from NalaCraft. They come in soft colors like pink, green, yellow, and blue, and naturally, no two are the same. They’re made from a dense, multi layer cotton to keep you safe and stylish. ($13)

Read My Mask

You can stop social distancing offenders with this fun mask. After all, if someone can read it, they are indeed too close to you. Plus, you won’t have to worry about offending someone by telling them to step back a bit—your mask, from Etsy seller MaxTreasuresShop, will do all the talking for you. ($12)

Catty Mask

Even though you love your little kitty, you can’t really take him out now. This black canvas mask from CustomMania will allow you to show your feline some love, whether you’re out for a walk or making a quick grocery store run. ($7+)

Mermaid Mask

Even if you can’t quite get to the beach yet, you can still have all the mermaid vibes with this pretty mask from FacialCoverings. The cotton mask has a soft interior lining and can be worn by either adults or kids. And for every mask purchased, the seller will donate another one. ($14)

Sophisticated Mask

Sure, most masks that you’ll find are made from cotton and elastic. Not the ones from Etsy seller TheWindingCloth. They’re made from silk, linen, cotton, and elastic. They’ll totally elevate your look, no matter what you’re wearing. ($15)

Woodland Toile Mask

With its delicate design, you might find yourself wanting to take extra walks just so you can wear this handmade toile mask. It’s reversible, and can also be machine washed. The seller is also offering free shipping! ($7+)

Silk Shantung Mask

You’ll be pretty in pink with this Etsy mask. It’s made from two layers of shantung silk, and is tie dyed light and dark pink. You can wash and wear as much as you’d like. ($26)

Set of 3 Toile Face Masks

Sometimes, you need a mask that matches your mood. You’ll get not one, but three fashionable masks that all have a soft and sophisticated toile design. Shipping is free, but there is a 4-6 week wait for these masks. ($45)

Design Face Mask

If you want a mask that will stay in place (and not, you know, slide down your nose), then this mask from EarthKindSoul will work for your needs. In addition to two breathable layers, there’s a filter pocket as well. You can even personalize the mask (think adding textile tie backs instead of ear loops), to make the fit even more fabulous. ($13)

Not all masks have to be medicinal looking. These face masks are fun and fashionable and will help you stay stylish while you social distance.

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