15 Toys And Activities To Keep Your Quarantined Kids Entertained

With well over a month of quarantine under your belt, you might start feeling like you have this whole home schooling thing under your belt. (Not.) Truth is, as the reality of the pandemic hits home, you’re probably scrambling to come up with ways to keep from hearing those two dreaded words: “I’m bored.” And that’s when having some toys and activities to keep your quarantined kids entertained will definitely help bring on the fun, family bonding—and keep you sane.


If your kid thinks you’re full of hot air, now’s their chance to prove it. All your kiddo needs to do is blow through the rocket launcher to see how far the foam rocket will go. They can practice their aim by doing a target practice, or play Dodge Rockets, where the goal is to, well, get out of the way ($15).

Wheels on the Bus Game

You’ve been singing the song since forever. Now, get on the bus and play Wheels on the Bus. Perfect for the preschool set, you have to collect all the different parts of the bus to win the game. And woot, the bus actually sings, you know, all through the town, as you play ($29).

Googly Eyes Showdown

Finally, a game that lets you see things like you’ve been drinking—even though you haven’t. The Googly Eyes Showdown is a fun game where you don a pair of wacky glasses and try to draw a picture that will truly have your whole team guessing. The glasses come with six sets of lenses from mild to wild. You definitely won’t draw (or see) straight with this laugh-inducing game ($9).


Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics. In this game, players will need to think quickly as they move their tiles and win. It involves skill, strategy, and knowing just when to use your joker ($25).

How To Be A Pediatrician Kit

Let your kid don his doctor’s uniform and become a pediatrician in the cute How To Be A Pediatrician Kit. It comes complete with a plush baby, a working stethoscope, a diploma, a birth certificate, and even a lab coat for your little cutie. Finally, there will be a doctor in the family ($30).

HABA Kullerbu City Stroll Set

Move over, Thomas the Train. The HABA Kullerbu City Stroll Play Track has everything your child needs for fun. The starter set has 58 pieces which is plenty for a newbie track building star. It comes with straight tracks, ramps, as well as curves that will keep your child totally entertained. There are wooden traffic lights to ensure that the two convertible cars (each with their own ball character) won’t cause a collision. This super well-made play set will bring not just hours but years of joy for your kiddos ($120).

Hand 2 Mind Sensory Fidget Tubes

For those moments when your kid is feeling stressed, they can play with these sensory fidget tubes from Hand 2 Mind. The tubes offer unique, colorful designs that can help calm your child down. There’s a glitter tube, a magical reverse hourglass tube, as well as a soothing gravity spinner, and a fidget tube that your child will help reduce the stress ($30).

HABA Color Changing Magic Bath Book

Bathtime just got a boost with the adorable Magic Bath Princess Book from HABA. The images appear when the book is placed underwater, revealing pages upon pages of princesses. There are even hidden objects to explore and discover. The best part: the images disappear once the book dries, which means that your child gets to read the book only in the bathtub ($8).

Frozen 2 Make Your Own Bath Bombs

The little Elsa, Anna, Olaf, or Kristoff is going to love the fun bath bombs they can make with the Frozen 2 make Your Own Bath Bombs kit. Not only can your child make bath bombs fashioned from the four elements, but they can also learn the science behind how the bombs work. Your child can take all those frozen fractals and turn them into a fun bath bomb, like Anna’s Candy Bath Bomb, or Elsa’s Hot Chocolate Bath Bomb ($17).

Tiny Baking!

You won’t believe how utterly adorable kitchen utensils are until you see the ones in the Tiny Baking! Kit. From a rolling pin to a pizza cutter, you can actually bake up to 48 recipes with the included cookbook. And not only will your tiny chef love the tools, but they’ll also learn fun food chemistry tips, like the reason why batter really rises ($20).

Archi-Tech Smart House

With so much time being spent indoors lately, your kiddo might be wanting his own space right about now. So let your child build his own house with the Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House. This STEM toy allows your child to create his own casa that actually boasts real lights, sounds, and motion. Their smart house contains 10 base boards, 10 light and sound modules, 20 posts, and 50 punch0out construction and accessory panels—everything your child needs to get their house up and running ($35).

Smart Lab Toys All Natural Spa Soaps

Since there’s probably a whole lot of hand washing already going on in your household, you’ll definitely want to check out the All-Natural Spa Soaps. You can make your very own (or 25 in fact) handcrafted soaps made from one of the 14 soap molds. There’s a 16-page booklet to show you how to have some seriously soapy good fun — and keep your hands clean, too ($17).

Raddish Kids

Slicing and dicing has never been more fun than with the Raddish kit. When you order a Raddish kit, you’ll get a kitchen tool (like a spoon), an apron patch, and fun recipes that (gasp) your kiddos will actually eat. The super thick cardstock ensures that your recipes will stay intact and the easy to read ingredients list means that your kiddos can really help out in the kitchen. And it doesn’t end there—you can also score some free recipes and musical playlists (even grocery games!) by visiting the Raddish website ($17).

Kahootz Waterfuls

Relieve your childhood with this water-ful game. All you need to do is get the rings onto the hooks in this retro game that doesn’t require any batteries. And you can even swap in some super fun backgrounds to make the vintage game feel even more awesome. Road Rally, anyone? ($14)

Election Night

Sure, he runs your house, but does he have what it takes to run the White House? Check out his political prowess in the Election Night game. Your child will learn U.S. geography, and learn how the Electoral College system works as he tries to get votes. He’ll even learn how to target key states to ensure that he reaches 270 votes for the win! ($40)

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