10 “Trolls World Tour” Toys That Will Make You Want To Buy Your Movie Ticket Now


It’s hard not to fall in love with the Trolls. They’re happy little colorful creatures full of glittery goodness. And in anticipation of the new movie, Trolls World Tour, toys are already starting to appear on store shelves. But as the trailers and previews start to pour out on social media and online, it can be hard to keep your own little troll content until the movie comes out in theaters on April 17. So until then, these 10 Trolls World tour toys can help you spend some quality time bonding with your kiddo.

DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Tiny Dancers

If your child loves itty bitty toys wrapped in surprise packaging (and really, who doesn’t?), they’ll love these tiny dancers ($3). You can attach them to the already-included ring or barrette, and wear them so that they can dance right along with your kiddo.

DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Poppy

The precious protagonist of the Trolls movies, Poppy is particularly cute with her ukelele. Your child can play with her and pretend to go on amazing musical adventures (like saving the world’s music), or just play with her super long pink hair.

DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Branch

From his purple hair to his tambourine accessory, Branch is a must-have action figure for your child to play with. He can accompany Poppy as they work together to stop the evil Queen Barb on a totally Trolls-tastic journey ($5).

LEGO Trolls World Tour Rainbow Caterbus

All aboard the fun bus! This rainbow “caterbus” set from LEGO includes Poppy, Cooper, Cloud Guy, and the Cloud Babies for hours of play. Plus, the caterbus’ eyes and wheels move, too. The set has almost 400 pieces for a fun time of building — and bonding ($40).

Trolls Tiny Dancers Wear & Share Collection Pack

Trolls make a totally awesome fashion statement. Now your child can wear their favorite character with this sweet set ($15) that includes six figures, a necklace, and two bracelets. Swap or change the accessories for a new fashion-forward (and fabulous) look every time.

Trolls World Tour Musical Microphone

Your child can ready for their own world tour with this musical microphone. Just press the button and the microphone will light up in a rainbow of colors and play the “Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun” song from the film. After their musical performance, your child will be ready to drop the mic ($5).

Play-Doh Trolls World Tour Rainbow Hair Poppy Styling Toy

Poppy’s hair is already pretty amazing. Now your child can don her hairdressing hat and give her an entirely new look. The set ($15) comes with six cans of Play-Doh and three interchangeable attachments to make Poppy’s hair grow. It also comes with a crimping tool and safety scissors in case she decides to chop it all off. She can also add accessories like lightning bolts, flowers, and musical notes.

Trolls World Tour Troll-rific Poppy with Rainbow Hair Wig

For the Poppy fan in your home, Poppy’s wig ($10) is perfect for pretend play. It stands at a staggering 13.5 inches tall, and features every color in the rainbow—literally. Your child will have a blast singing and dancing her way to the saving the world….or just putting on a Trolls-tastic musical performance.

DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Barb

Are you ready to rock? The Barb doll ($5) will let your kiddo pretend they’re putting on a killer performance in Rock City — oh, and also getting ready for total musical domination. Barb comes with an electric guitar accessory so she can shred with the best of them.

LEGO Trolls World Tour Techno Reef Dance Party

Now your child can create the most amazing party with this LEGO Trolls World Tour Techno Reef Dance Party kit ($20). She can pretend to spin the most magical music after she’s built the DJ booth, or take a turn on the dance floor. After she’s done dancing, she can take a wild ride down the slide. The set comes with 173 LEGO pieces for building fun — but don’t forget to look for the musical string to complete the lyre!

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