American Girl Doll Courtney Moore Is From The Totally Awesome 80s

When American Girl releases its annual historical doll, it’s usually a character that comes from the past…like way in the past. Some of the dolls date back to Civil War times (Addy Walker), the 18th century (Kaya), and even 1944 (Molly McIntire). But now, American Girl has gone back to the future with the totally awesome Courtney Moore doll, who is representing the totally awesome 80s.

Meet Courtney Moore, circa 1986. She is a typical 80s baby, who loves spending her quarters at the arcade on her fave game, Pac-Man. But this little game changer isn’t happy with the amount of female characters represented in the games she loves so much. Inspired by a school project, Courtney rewrites herstory by making her own game, complete with a totally tubular female superhero.

Just like your average 80s girl, Courtney is a fashion-forward gal—and she has the hair scrunchie to prove it. In the Courtney Doll & Book set, she’s wearing an acid wash jean skirt, hot pink leggings, white faux leather boots, and a bright blue shirt that reads “Totally Cool”. But if one outfit isn’t enough, you can always score the Courtney’s Totally Rad Collection ($245), which comes with acid wash jeans, a suspender skirt, a splatter-print dress, and a blazer in all its shoulder padded glory.

Seeing all the 80s clothing in their glory might make your kiddo want to dress like Courtney. Now your cutie and Courtney can twin with their matching Care Bears pajamas ($68). Still, no sleepover would be complete without the Courtney Sleepover Accessory Set ($50), which has everything that a quintessential 80s girl could ever want, like a colorful boombox, mix tapes, fruit punch and chips, and (woot) a cootie catcher.

And if playing with Courtney has you waxing nostalgic for arcade games of the past, you totally need Courtney’s PAC-MAN Arcade Game ($149.99). The mini arcade game plays just like the original, and thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery, you won’t need quarters.

Although having an 80s girl like Courtney as a historical character might sting for parents who still consider themselves young, there’s no denying how utterly amazing the American Girl Doll Courtney Moore is. Now, where are our leg warmers and Rubik’s Cube?

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