Build-A-Bear’s Shark Week Plush Toys Are Fintastically Fun For Kids

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…it’s Shark Week! But you’ll definitely want to make waves, because Build-A-Bear’s Shark Week plush toys make going back into the water safe and fun for your child.

Although they can be super cool, sharks can also be kinda scary for kids, too. That’s why Build-A-Bear’s Shark Week plush toys are an ideal toy for summer—and all year round, really. Not only do they allow your child to get up close and personal with a shark (sans rows and rows of teeth), but they also open the discussion to learn about sharks, too. You can talk about the role that sharks play in the marine ecosystem, and how important they are in terms of keeping the ocean healthy, reported

And this year, Build-A-Bear is introducing a new shark to its popular plush line: the Saw Shark. With its big smile and huge honker, it’s actually an adorable plush toy shark that is available exclusively online. Your child can find out more about it’s rostrum, which really does work as a saw and is used in self-defense. It even has barbels that make this shark look pretty suave, as if he has a mustache. He boasts the Shark Week logo on his bottom paw pad, so that there’s no confusing this cuddly creature with a real shark.

Now, sharks don’t typically wear clothing, but yours could, thanks to Build-A-Bear’s outfit options. You can dress up your shark (or any other plush toy) with the Shark Week Hawaiian Shirt ($8.50), a brightly colored shirt that bears the Shark Week logo. It also has yellow sharks swimming around amidst tropical leaves. And no outfit would be complete without a pair of pants, so your shark can put on the Tiny Pocket Khaki Shorts ($7), which are versatile enough to go with any outfit. The pocket can store anything from a special toy, to who knows…a shark tooth?


But if your kiddo wants to give their fishy friend a buddy, they just might go ape for the Smiley Monkey Shark Week Gift Set ($43). The plush pal is donning his own Hawaiian shirt and shorts. But his outfit isn’t complete without super cute blue flip flops ($7.50).

The Build-A-Bear Shark Week collection is a cute way for your kids to dip their toes into the water and take a deep dive into learning and playing.

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