How To Make Mornings More Lovely With Your Kids

Most mornings, you barely have time to breathe before you have to start the whole rise-and-shine routine with your kids. There are permission slips to sign, errant sneakers to find, a woofie to walk, and some tantrum or another to tackle. So if you’re not exactly feeling the a.m. love, it’s not really a surprise. But it’s important to take some time to start the day off right, for both you and your family. So try to make your mornings more meaningful with these Valentine’s Day-inspired ideas.

Create Cuddle Time

Before you charge into your crazy day, take a moment to tiptoe into your child’s room, get under the covers, and snuggle up together. Smell his hair and marvel at how much he’s grown as he slowly wakes up. Include a bunch of good-morning hugs and smooches — at least, as many as he’ll let you give him.

Make A Beautiful Breakfast

Whip up waffles with fresh red strawberries and let your child sprinkle the powdered sugar on top. Have the family put away the tech —even for a few minutes— and gather around to the table to connect and talk about their upcoming day.

Write Sweet Notes

Sneak a cute little love message into your child’s lunchbox, telling her how proud you are that she rocked her math test. Or send your tween a text with plenty of emojis (bonus points if you use them correctly) wishing her a great day.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to infuse some love into your mornings. So try to make your mornings more meaningful not just on Valentine’s Day, but everyday. And who knows, your kid might actually appreciate your efforts — even if you get an eye roll in return.

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