These Retro Toys Will Give You All the 80s Feels

Ahh, the 80s. The toys that came out of this decade were among some of the most fun and creative — and many didn’t even require batteries. If you’re looking for some toys that you and your kids can play with (or you’re simply looking to relive your childhood like the rest of us), these 5 retro toys will give you all the 80s feels for a totally awesome gaming experience.


Colorforms Silly Faces Game

Race to see who can create the silliest face with this fun throwback game ($18). Spin the dial to see if you’ll make a cowboy with rainbow hair, or a scuba diver with a queen with an eye patch? Kids will have a blast creating funny faces, all the while learning about their colors, taking turns, and creative play with Colorforms, the re-stickable stickers that kids (and parents) have loved for over 60 years.

Fashion Plates

Your child can channel her inner Rachel Zoe with this retro deluxe design game ($30). It comes with 15 fashion plates, 8 colored pencils, 2 rubbing crayons, paper, and a carrying case to contain it all. All your mini designer needs to do is place the plates that she wants in the tablet, add paper and rub with the crayon to see the image appear, and then color it in for a fantastic new style.


Waterfuls, the classic handheld water game, ($15) has made a much-anticipated comeback. Simply fill the game with water, and then push the button to make the balls whoosh around. Try to get the balls to land in the baskets—tilting is totally allowed!


Swirl your way to fun (and a new design) with Spirograph. The totally 80s game ($20) uses wheels and rings in order to create the coolest, one-of-a-kind designs that your kids will go crazy for. No two designs will ever be the same, for a completely unique drawing experience.

Care Bear Colorforms

Combining the best of the 80s, the Colorforms Care Bears edition ($10) comes with two scenes — a playground during daytime and a sky filled with clouds and rainbows — as well as a play and store box and a whopping 110 re-stickable Care Bear Colorforms. It’s hours of beary good fun.

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