Legacybox Allows You To Leave a Digital Legacy For Your Family

Chances are, you probably have an abundance of photos albums stored away somewhere in your house. And most likely, the last time you took a look through them was ages ago. You don’t want to pitch your pics into the garbage, but the process of digitizing all of those images, slides, and yes, VHS tapes is downright daunting. And that’s where Legacybox comes in to help you make your memories come alive once again.

Legacybox is the leader in the restoration of home movies, photos, and other media that matters to you and your family. Its name speaks the truth — it’s a box that you fill with your precious media mementos and ship off to have the digitizing experts bring back to life for you.

Here’s how it works: Once you pick a package and purchase it online, you’ll receive a box within a box. The outside box is the mailing box and the inside box is the Legacybox. (Now, be sure to hang onto both boxes, since you’ll need the shipping box to ship back the Legacybox that’s inside.) Once you open the Legacybox, you can then fill it with the things that you want to digitize, such as film, photos, tapes, and audio recordings. You’ll attach these cute, tiny stickers to each item (everything is barcoded), and place them back in the box, adding packing materials so your stuff doesn’t move around too much during shipping. You place the Legacybox back inside the shipping box, attach the UPS label already provided, and either call for a pickup or drop it off at your local UPS store. It’s as simple as that.

The only difficult part of the process will be choosing what you want to have digitized. Legacybox digitizes almost everything, from video tapes (think VHS, Mini DV, Hi8, etc), to prints (photos, 35 mm slides, and negatives), to 8mm and 16mm reels, and audio cassette tapes, too.

But if you thought that your items are going to be run through a machine, think again. From VHS tapes to slides, everything that you send will be digitized by hand, which means that you’ll receive a superior quality product.

And if you’re worried about sending off those priceless pics of your grandparents, or that VHS tape from your fifth birthday party, you can relax. Legacybox holds your hand every step of the way, sending you frequent email updates to let you know how the digitizing process is going. And once the process is completed, you’ll get all of your items returned to you, along with either a secure thumb drive, a digital download, or a watchable DVD set (if you sent in home movies).

Legacybox offers a variety of packages to suit every budget. Their most popular plan is the 20 Piece Closet ($550), which allows you to convert up to 20 tapes, or 20 films, or 20 sets of 25 pictures to digital. If you’re just looking to test your toes in the digitizing world, you can opt for the 2 Piece Starter Set ($60), which gives you the option to convert up to 2 tapes, or 2 films, or 2 sets of 25 pictures to digital. But if you’re ready to go all in and digitize most of your memories, you can opt for the 40 Piece Trunk ($1100), in which you can convert up to 40 tapes, or 40 films, or 40 sets of 25 pictures each to digital.

Legacybox is easy to use, and takes the work out of painstakingly trying to convert your photos and videos yourself to a digital format. And once you receive your Legacybox back—and get to see your long-forgotten analog media that has been lovingly restored back to its former glory—well, we challenge you to not shed a tear or two. Walking down memory lane has never been sweeter — or effortless than with Legacybox.


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